Tips for camping at height in Ecuador

Tips for camping at height in Ecuador

Camping at height, they are not only one perfect way to enjoy the landscapes that to us the place gives where we go to encamp, but also we can spend a good moment with friendly in front of a bonfire or simply forget to you work.

Although many people think that encamp in height he is something very easy , but is important before spending one night under the sky starred in a cold mountain, to have a plan clear, detailed and coverall to know how what to take. Today we will give you tips necessary to camping in height and a detailed list of everything what you must take.

We know that this point can sound quite monotonous, but it is certain! So that a camping is successful must be planned ahead of time, studying perfectly the climatic route, and conditions, the peak altitude of the place where you have thought to encamp, for example if you decide to encamp in the Altar that have 5300 msnm you must have a preparation since although it is a fantastic place it requires much physical effort.

Perhaps it is your first time sleeping at the top of a mountain. You must know that you can experiment altitude sickness, mountain disease that can be reflected in several symptoms like dizziness, headache, or nauseas. This is normal, and if it costs to you to conciliate the important dream the most important thing is than you relax and that your body rests. You do not stop taking water at night and you do not doubt in leaving the carp, is nothing no worse than to be put in your coat. If you feel really badly, perhaps it is moment for lowering.

Now we go to the important point but of all the trip what to take?


Clothes are more important if you decide to encamp in height, since he will be first the average one by where the cold will enter, you must know that the mountain climbers, mountaineers or any sport professional end have a way to take shelter: IN LAYERS.

First Layer
It is the article that we took beaten to the skin that consists of thermal transpirable fabric clothes, in addition must be comfortable and ergonomic. It avoids the cotton, because this it absorbs the humidity (it can get to absorb up to four times his weight in water).

Second Layer
An article that works perfectly is those of polar material, the idea is to retain the heat, we will cause that the heat does not escape. Its main function is to provide heat insulation and in smaller amount to evacuate the humidity of the skin. The polar lining is the preferred and but used synthetic insulator.

Third Layer
The articles cortaviento and raincoats are done of the material neoprene – those that seem plastic – this material will protect to you of rain and the wind. This article must be impermeable, resistant to gallings, abrasion and tears, its main function is the one to protect to us of three factors:

1. Outer humidity like rain or snow (Impermeable).
2. Outer wind.
3. Corporal sweat, this layer also must allow their evacuation (transpirabilidad).



There are many brands where you can find suitable clothes for camping in height among them we recommend you, Columbia, The NorthFace


Maybe this point is the most difficult for everyone since choosing a tent can take you hours, days and perhaps even weeks, since you will be with a long list of brands and details that must be fulfilled, but above all because you will ask many questions such as: Is it worth spending so much on a tent? Is this the right one? What if it does not protect me from the cold? Will it really be waterproof ?, but do not worry that we are there to help you clear all those doubts.

The most popular tents are the igloo, whose bra consists of two or more folding rods deployed in cross and arched in order to give height to the store and support the whole set. The igloo tents are lighter than the Canadian and more stable The high mountain tents are a variety of the igloo type, but their rods are one of larger diameter than the common camping and are usually crossed in several more points. This gives them greater resistance and stability against wind or storms. The most recommended are igloo tents.

In general, it is preferable to sleep tight than to carry a very heavy tent. The igloos come in different models, depending on the number of people who can sleep in them.

For a single person or a couple, an igloo for two is the best. This igloo will ideally have metal stakes (usually aluminum). Although we go to cold places we recommend a tent with good ventilation, because the protection against the cold is given by the sleeping bag and not by the tent.

Another important factor is the weight, and this also goes hand in hand with the size of the carp. When deciding your purchase, evaluate how many people are going to sleep in it, since a couple that moves a tent for 4 people will have to support overweight.

Length: attention for tall people, ask for measurements of the tent before buying. One of two meters is uncomfortable if we measure 1.97 meters. It is always more comfortable than a little space.

Materials: nylon taffeta is used, which is light and resistant. Applied polyurethane (PU) is added to the floor and cover to increase the insulating quality, although not to the interior tent as this would affect the breathability.


The classic food in the camp should be easy to transport, prepare and store. The best option is to carry as simple as possible.

To avoid running out of fuel in the middle of the morning the ideal is to eat breakfast abundantly:

– Bread, cereals, biscuits, buns, carbohydrates in short.
– Some fruit in either jam or natural compote juice.
– Coffee, tea, careful with milk, your digestion is heavy.

Eat during the hike

It will be necessary to take food in the course of the hike. We will try to eat small amounts of food distributed along the route, that being easy to digest, help us to maintain a suitable working capacity.

It can serve us: 150 gr of dried fruits like plums, figs, raisins, etc. 125 gr of nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts or mani; 100 gr of some not very fatty sausage, 50gr chocolate or 50 gr of biscuits. or replace it with energy bars that will help to recover the energies.


For lunch, we will try not to make an excessively heavy meal, because after that we must continue the march. An ideal lunch considering that it is the first intake after the physical effort and that we still have work to do, it must be designed to facilitate recovery, being rich in liquids, mineral salts, vitamins and carbohydrates, protein cuts and Poor in fat.


For dinner it is best to use foods that do not need a long preparation process, for this we recommend bringing bread, tuna, protein bars, coffee, instant pasta, nuts, chocolate, and canned foods.

Remember not to forget to store the basic camping equipment in your suitcase:

– Bottle with water filters.
– Lighters.
– dishes, preferably takes one from home, so we avoid leaving garbage.
– Sunscreen.
– Sunglasses.
– Cap.
– First aid kit.
– Compass.
– Head lanterns.
– Covers.

We hope that these tips will be useful for you to have an excellent day of camping in height.