Pailon del Diablo Waterfall

Pailon del Diablo Waterfall

The Pailon del Diablo has approximately 100 feet high. This beautiful and impressive waterfall has three waterfalls that because the same force with which they fall, they form an impressive whirlwind.


It is the most impressive waterfall in the region, visited by domestic and foreign tourists, attracted by the beauty of turquoise waters. Water temperature is approximately 23 º C.
All the way from Baños to Rio Verde, has its attractions: Agoyan hydroelectric dam, the two tunnels, the natural landscape, the mini waterfalls that are used to wash cars, sales of fruit from the area.

To observe more closely must descend along a path that is clearly marked, that through orchids, hydrangeas and semi-jungle vegetation, which reaches a suspension bridge and then be in the very edge of the waterfall.


At the edge of the waterfall is a lookout point from where the view is lost in the vegetation consists of herbaceous, shrub and tree. The falls cascade over a natural rock formation, it is capable of wrapping in a dense cloud of droplets from moisture. In the vicinity of the Cascada del Diablo The Pailón could observe the flora and fauna. During the travel find bromeliads and orchids are unique in that area and are being studied by foreign university.


The huge variety of butterflies, the cock of the rock, tapirs and other exotic species inhabiting these temperate sites. Furthermore, can this place has a bar – restaurant offering food service, and across the suspension bridge is a small inn, offering the hosting service.