Bungee Jumping Baños Ecuador

Bungee Jumping Baños Ecuador

Bungee Jumping also known as Puenting is one of the most practiced activities in Baños Ecuador, however you have to have a high dose of risk challenge and a lot of courage to tie a rope to the body and jump into the void to descend through the air.

If you are one of these people full of adrenaline then this activity is waiting in Baños, to practice bungee jumping is recommended that the person check their physical condition, and undergo a previous medical check to know that you will have no problem doing it.

Bungee Jumping

This activity consists of placing two safety anchors on the first bridge with dynamic self-blocking and protective eyepiece systems to avoid material wear on the bridge defenses.

Two dynamic climbing ropes with a diameter of 10.5mm are held together with a support capacity of 150 kilos. We take the other extreme side to the second bridge, in this way the person who will use this activity is prepared in advance with all the safety instructions to follow .

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is considered by specialists in the subject as a low risk activity, since the materials used for jumping comply with all international regulations.

The person who jumps has to take a step, open the arms or hold the rope experiencing in the fall of 20mts, the feeling of gravity and on the subsequent pendulum weightlessness for a brief interval of time, watching as the river approaches In a few seconds until the safety system fulfills its function.

At the end of the pendulum the person is suspended in the air and is lowered from the first bridge to the floor, is received by a third security guide that removes all the technical equipment and proceeds to exit by a path that leads to the part Superior of the first bridge thanking the guides and companies for their professional work and exciting experience of pure adrenaline to be able to practice this sport safely.

Bungee Jumping

In Ecuador there are some places where you will have the possibility of practicing this activity that will connect you with nature and take your most risky part.

Where to practice in Baños:

  • Bridge of San Francisco with an approximate height of 120 meters of height.
  • Rio Blanco Bridge with an approximate height of 35 meters in height.


  • $ 20


  • Wear comfortable clothing, camera.
  • Perform exams before practicing.