Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbaɲoz ðe ˈaɣwa ˈsanta]), commonly referred to as Baños, is a city in eastern Tungurahua, (central Ecuador) Baños is the second most populous city in Tungurahua, after Ambato, the capital, and is a major tourist center.

It is known as the “Gateway to the Amazon”, as it is located on the Pastaza River in the Amazon River basin, and has a newly paved road to Puyo.

Baños is located on the northern foothills of the Tungurahua volcano. Along with Pillaro, Baños is known as a good starting point for exploring the remote Llanganates National Park and its attractions including Cerro Hermoso.

The city itself boasts a beautiful main central park across from the cathedral. Nearby waterfalls include Virgen de Agua Santa, Inés María, Agoyán, El Manto de la Novia, Pailón del Diablo and Machay.


La Casa del Árbol en Baños Ecuador

The Tree House is undoubtedly the best place to observe the Tungurahua Volcano, located in the hamlet Runtún, and is 2600 meters above sea level.
To reach this beautiful spot in the mountains above Baños, you can go by car, or if you want a little bit of adventure, you can rent a quad bike.

The cost of rent varies from 10 to 15 USD per hour (depending on the horsepower of the quad). The rental agency will provide maps and helmets to make it easy to find your way safely. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to arrive to this piece of heaven above Baños city.

It is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with friends or family, or just enjoy the fabulous views of the Tungurahua volcano and mountains surrounding the city of Banos Ecuador, and if you like and you have no fear of heights and adrenaline because you can jump on the most famous swing (swing) that has Ecuador.


Photo: @christinaskilbred, @funtrip