Quechua Community

Quechua Community


Meet the wonders of Quechua Community

On the shores of Rio Napo, departing from the port of Misahualli, are Quechua communities living of tourism, where you can observe their customs, take photos with wild animals, who live with them as pets, know their culture, among other things. You can get there by taking a boat from Misahualli malecon. The Quechua community will wrap with all its wonders

Comunidad Quechua


Misahuallí, (2), (3), (4)

At Misahuallí lives a community of monkeys who parades by the town as the owners of the place. Remember when you see them, have your camera ready and good grip, these monkeys have fun “stealing” things to tourists, also remember that this is their habitat and you’re a visitor, respect them and treat them with love and care. 


Recorriendo el Rio Napo

Visits to nearby communities are made through these boats.

Quechua community


Ruta Cascadas Llanganates

Discover the beautiful waterfalls, natural slides and beautiful landscapes touring the Falls Road.


Salto Rio Jatun Yaku

A 8 meters jump to the Jatun Yaku River.

Quechua community

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