Puerto Engabao Beach

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One of the most popular surf spots is by the fishing village of Puerto Engabao. It is a point break for experience surfers next to El Faro.

Conditions vary during the year. Waves come from the south-west from June to October and can reach 1.5m. In December and January there are often strong waves from the north-west. Swells (oleajes) are common and caused by storms in the North Pacific – the waves take 6 days to reach the Galápagos and 7 days to reach the coast. From December to April it tends to be extremely hot and sunny whereas May to November conditions are overcast.

On this beautiful beach you can spend a very enjoyable time and live a unique experience , all the stress of the city slouch when you travel Engabao.

Photo: @bucketlistec, @maxresde, @surftips.



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